The One Vacation Rental “Extra” That Will Change Your Vacation Experience

The two main things most families focus on when they’re on vacation are time and money.
They want to cram as much fun into the time they have allotted for this vacation as possible while getting as much bang for their buck.

They want to feel like their time and money was well spent, and that they didn’t waste either.

Which is why, if you’re going to add anything extra to your vacation rental reservation,a Welcome Pack is the way to go.

And here are 4 reasons why:

You have options:
Magical Stays offers a wide variety of different welcome packs to have ready at yourental upon your arrival. There are grocery welcome packs, baby-related welcome packs, welcome packs for neat freaks, and welcome packs for those celebrating something special. The great thing about welcome packs is that they can be customized for your particular needs, and you can request a welcome pack for almost any need or occasion.

You save money:
The most popular Welcome Pack we offer is the Luxury Welcome Pack, which includes basic grocery staples to feed your hungry family, plus an option for an adult beverage that many find helpful after a long travel day. You could take the whole crew out to the grocery store as soon as you arrive, but you’re likely to spend more money right off the bat, (plus all of the extras that the kids throw in without you noticing!) This is also helpful when you’re hungry after a long travel day, because we all know what happens when we go to the store when we are hungry: we buy too much stuff! If you know you’re coming home to a welcome pack, you can eat, and then go shopping the next day with a clear head and full tummy.

You save time:
After a long, exhausting travel day, the last thing you’re going to want to do is find the local grocery store, get through the crazy parking lot, navigate an unfamiliar grocery store, wait in a line to pay, load everything into your car,(wait, is there room for all of this next to all of the luggage?) and unload it at your vacation rental. When you order a Welcome Pack, you go straight from the airport (or pull right into the driveway) and have food waiting for you. This means you can eat and jump right in the pool, explore the game room, or go to bed. Your vacation time is priceless. Do you really want to spend your vacation time shopping for groceries?

This goes for our other Welcome Packs as well. Baby related Welcome Packs save you from a late night trip to a pharmacy that you can’t find, for diapers or wipes. Romantic welcome packs let you surprise your sweetheart without having to make up an excuse to run out and get roses or chocolate covered strawberries.

They make vacations easier:
Adding the pool package is a great way to keep the kids entertained in the pool while you enjoy that adult beverage mentioned before. Ordering the snack pack gives you lots of options for munchies by the pool, and can be tossed into Ziploc bags and taken to the theme parks so you don’t spend $14 on a pretzel shaped like Mickey Mouse. If you’re coming to celebrate a birthday, the Birthday Cake package takes all of the work out of preparing for the special event, and lets you spend more time spoiling the birthday girl/boy and less running around getting decorations and party supplies. The utility package makes it easier to keep your vacation rental spic and span
without spending time and money buying cleaning supplies. When you order a welcome pack, you’re swapping out time at the store for time in the pool, and you’re saving money that can be spent on ice cream, Mickey Mouse ears, a fancy dinner date or other fun excursions that your family will remember forever.

If you haven’t added a Welcome Pack to your reservation yet, make sure it’s on your list of things to do before you arrive. Your family will thank you for thinking ahead, and you’ll be able to spend your time and money on things that they’ll remember for a lifetime.