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Orlando Vacation Home Management Services

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Orlando Vacation Home Management Services

As former Orlando vacation home owners, we know just how important it is to appoint an honest, trustworthy and professional company to look after your villa and provide you with first class Orlando vacation home management services.

This is especially true if you are an out of state or out of country owner because you are relying on your management company to be “your eyes and ears” and to take care of your short term rental property in your absence. Short term rental property management services are designed to achieve 2 main objectives:

  • Present your vacation home in the best possible light to your guest; and
  • Preserve the value of your investment.

With the decline in customer service in the property management industry, we believe there is a strong need to take the time to listen to our owners and deliver to their needs.

At Magical Stays we pride ourselves on providing our owners with the highest quality personal service and attention that they need to make their investment a success.

Property Management Services

All the Orlando vacation home property management companies offer the same type of services to their owners – the only difference being the cost, quality, and manner in which these services are provided. Orlando vacation home management services can be listed under 6 broad headings:

  • Cleaning & Inspection
  • Pest Control
  • Pool Service
  • Yard & Landscaping service
  • Property Maintenance Service
  • Administration Services

You only get one chance to create the best first impression, and research has shown that when guests love your home they leave highly favorable reviews on the internet and social media. This approach maximizes opportunities for repeat bookings and referrals, which leads to higher rental income for the owner – the key to successful vacation rentals.

Cleaning & Inspection Services

A 2015 survey by Wyndham Vacation Homes and Ski.com found that one of the biggest concerns that vacationers have about renting a vacation home is an unclean unit. Here at Magical Stays we knew this intuitively and that’s why we have invested a great deal of time and money in employing only the best cleaners. Magical Stays is synonymous with clean, well maintained Orlando vacation homes.

Regular inspections form the core of success in setting us apart from our competition. We ensure that cleaning is of the highest standard and routine quality checks ensure all fittings and furnishings remain in top condition.

Pest control Services

Pests are a persistent problem in Florida — and the last thing your guest wants to be doing is dealing with insects or other bugs instead of enjoying your vacation home.

At Magical Stays we understand that even a small pest infestation can mean upset guests and bad reviews, which is why we arrange a quarterly, environmentally conscious, cost-effective pest control service with an experienced local company. If for any reason your home needs additional treatment, it is included at no extra charge.

Our state certified Pest Management Professionals have the training, know-how, and resources to assure protection of your property from all types of pests, and follow Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Pool Service

One of the biggest attractions to renting an Orlando vacation home is a private pool where your guests can relax and have fun after a long day at the parks. Nothing is guaranteed to upset your guests more than an unusable pool.

To ensure you and your guests get the most enjoyment from your pool, the health of your pool must be maintained; and the secret to pristine pool health is regular, routine care.

Certified Magical Stays technicians service your pool every week. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and affordable service. We invest time in testing each pool properly and accurately and keep a record of your pool’s water readings.

Lawn Care Services

Most Homeowner Associations nowadays include regular lawn care service in their HOA fees to insure that all homes in the community are maintained in a consistent manner.

However, if your community doesn’t provide regular lawn care services for your vacation home, we can provide this service for a reasonable monthly fee. Our lawn service team will visit your home on a weekly basis to mow, edge, and trim your yard so as to keep your yard looking great and create a great first impression when your guests arrive.

Regular Home Maintenance

A clean and well maintained vacation home is a treasure. At Magical Stays we understand that as you entrust your property to us, we are responsible for preserving your investment, and that requires us to take a “hands on approach”.

Routine maintenance is dealt with as required and cosmetic improvements or refurbishments are managed in-house to control costs and quality. We ensure all safety and industry standards are adhered to.

Magical Stays prides itself on providing peace of mind to our homeowners, which is why we employ a team experienced and skilled maintenance personnel. These experience professionals perform the day-to-day repairs and maintenance needed to keep your investment property in tip-top shape.

Administration Services

Underpinning all the above property management services is the administration activities performed by a property management company. “Plan, organize, and control” is the key to successfully scheduling and managing an Orlando vacation home management services.

Magical Stays prides itself in investing in both people and technology to ensure that our owners receive the possible help when it comes to administering to their short term rental property and guests needs. This investment benefits not only us, but our owners too.