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How We Work Together

Experience the Magical difference!

First Impressions Count

We know that first impressions count, and there are several times we have an opportunity to make a great first impression.

The first time a guest contacts us.

When a guest enters your home for the first time.

The first time a guest asks for help.

All of these are opportunities to garner 5 star reviews. We invest time and money in training our staff to be friendly, and professional, so that we can make a great first impression.

This is why we’re called Magical Stays.

We Create Magical Stays

We seek to understand what’s important to both our owners and guests, and strive to do the right thing.

And if things aren’t up to our standards, then Magical Stays promises to make it right.

That’s the easiest way to build a great reputation, and as a result grow our business together.

What we do for our owners

We manage every aspect of your vacation rental business! From keeping you home booked, to being guest ready. It is our mission to provide you with a magical owner experience.

When you partner with Magical Stays, you can relax and take it easy, knowing your Orlando vacation home is in safe hands!

We take care of everything – from taking photos of your home and writing your property listing, to marketing it to potential guests and coordinating their stays.

Your home will always be guest ready since we provide professional housekeeping, upkeep, and maintenance. We also manage vendors, dispatch emergency maintenance, and provide 24/7 local guest support.

How We care for your home

Your home is expertly cared for by professionally trained housekeepers, maintenance and guest service teams.

Since 1999, Magical Stays cleaning and maintenance practices have been in line with hospitality best practices and high standards.

We’ve now enhanced our existing cleaning practices to bring you the Magical Stays StaySafe Home Program.

With this new program, your home now exceeds the CDC guidelines for public spaces, businesses, schools, and homes, and adheres to the Vacation Rental Management Association’s SafeHome guidelines.

Cleaning fees are paid by the guest and cover cleaning, laundry service for linens and towels, and supplies. Laundry will typically be done on-site, and only taken to a laundry facility as a last resort.

Your home is stocked with two rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, hand soap for every bathroom sink, a roll of paper towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner, one dishwasher tab, one laundry tab, and two garbage bags.

We require all owners to use our preferred vendors for regular lawn, pest, and pool services, unless this is provided by the HOA. This way we have better control over the quality of service provided.

In addition to regular lawn, pest, and pool service, Magical Stays recommends using our bi-annual HVAC service plan, which is carried our by our professionally qualified maintenance staff.

We also strongly recommend outside pressure washing, window cleaning, and deep cleaning of your home at least twice a year, or more frequently if required.

During inspections, we will perform simple maintenance like changing remote control batteries or light bulbs for lamp fixtures at no cost to you.

If more extensive repairs or maintenance is required, our professionally trained in-house maintenance staff are available to carry out his work. Work performed is billed in 15 minute intervals. Using in-house staff keeps the cost down to our owners.

If guests are in the home on garbage pick up days we ask them to take out the trash. If no one is there, our local team in your market will visit and put out the trash.

A safe, clean, well-maintained and stocked home for our guests is our #1 priority.

Click the link to read more about our Orlando vacation home management services

Owners typically pay these fees directly to their contractors, along with utilities, internet, and TV. We can set up recurring services for you, and the bills for the service will be sent directly to you.

We’re Available to Help 24/7

We provide both our guests and owners with friendly, professional support at any time of the day or night.

Outside of office hours, our support is limited to emergencies only, such as lock outs, flooding, AC failure.

How We Protect Your Money

Unlike most Orlando short term rental property management companies, we practice trust accounting.

Trust accounting requires us to hold all rental payments received from guests in an escrow account for distribution to our owners after the guest has departed.

This protects the funds owed to our owners by prohibiting us from using guest payments as operating cash.

This is an extremely important consideration for any owner when assessing which property management company to use. Why? Because a number of Orlando property management companies have gone under leaving owners with unpaid rental income and taxes.

In fact, the absence of trust accounting is one of the main reasons why All Star Vacation Homes, one of the largest and best known companies in Orlando failed.

How We Protect Your Home

Magical Stays uses a digital smart lock, and each guest is given their own unique code that is only valid during the time of their stay.

Magical Stays provides up to $3,000 in damage protection on every reservation we take. This is paid for by the guests. As a result, we don’t charge you for damages like many other Orlando vacation home management companies.

We require all our guests to sign a reservation agreement, and provide proof of identity and credit card ownership. As a result, fraudulent bookings and potential charge backs are largely avoided.

What if I want to do some decorating on my own?

We highly encourage homeowners to take pride in their home and invest in decor. Guests want a unique and local experience. Your home’s decor is a great way to provide this.

Real-time Owner Portal

We believe speed of communication between you and your Orlando Vacation Home Property Management Company is essential to providing a first class owner and guest experience.

This is why Magical Stays is pleased to offer all of our owners the ability to keep up to date with everything going on in your Orlando vacation home in real-time. Either via our online portal or our Owner App.

Key Features

You can send questions, complaints, or other messages to Magical Stays.

You can view your calendar, be informed of new reservations, even make reservations for yourself, family and friends, and your own guests.

You can review all pending, active, and completed work orders, authorize work orders raised by Magical Stays. You can even create your own work orders which will be notified to Magical Stays immediately.

You can access your Month End Statements, Owner Expense Report, Detailed Profit and Loss, and Property Revenue Comparison.

You can read about new events and news from Magical Stays.

The Owner Management app is available to download on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can find it by searching for Streamline Owner Management.

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