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New to Vacation Rentals

New to Owning An Orlando Vacation Home?

Start Right. Start Fast. Start with Magical Stays

Since 1999, Magical Stays has helped thousands of new owners start their Orlando vacation rental business the right way … fast.

From help with navigating State and county licensing and tax requirements, selecting the right furniture and amenities, to quickly generating bookings, Magical Stays has the experience you’re looking for.

What makes us different from every other Orlando vacation home management company? Quite simply, we’ve actually done this for our own vacation homes.

As former vacation rental owners, we know what it’s really like to be an owner, and can talk honestly about our experience, rather than just giving you a well rehearsed sales pitch.

The Most Common Mistake New Owners Make When Setting Rates

The most common mistake is to focus on the nightly rate, rather than annual rental income. The main reason for this, is because rates are set based on personal value rather than fair market value.

While it’s important to not set your rates too low, it’s more important not to set your rates too high. At the end of the year, it’s the total amount of revenue earned, that will mean the difference between your bills being paid or not.

When you price your home higher than your competition, you will make fewer bookings, and therefore less rental income over a year.

What’s Your Potential Vacation Rental Income?

With our state of the art vacation rental data analysis software, we can provide you with detailed answers, rather than highly over optimistic predictions, or faulty calculators with outdated assumptions.

What’s Your Vacation Rental Cost?

As a full service management company, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate, based on the real numbers of providing Orlando management company services, and our straightforward Orlando management company fees.

Let’s Run the Numbers

Tell us a about your home, such as the address, community, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and if it has a pool or hot tub, and we’ll run the numbers on your home’s income potential.

See how much you could earn!

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