6 Ways To Get Your Vacation Off To A Horrible Start

A vacation is something you plan for, save for, and look forward to for months, sometimes even years. It is a special way to get away from everyday life and recharge your batteries. It is a time to connect with the ones you love, relax a little bit, explore new places and try new things. If you’re lucky, your vacation will go off without a hitch and you’ll be stress-free the entire time. However, just like in “real life,” things happen, plans change, and you have to adjust accordingly. Here are 6 ways to get your vacation off to a horrible start, (and how to avoid them of course.)

Don’t Bother Researching– if you’re planning a big trip, you’ve got to do some research. Failing to plan is planning to fail! Check reviews, read blogs, ask friends and family where they’ve stayed. When you decide on a place to go, check into the events and activities going on during that time. If you’re  sensitive to noise, make sure you’re not headed to a city during their Annual Whistle and Tuba Parade. If you’re bringing a pet, make sure your accommodations are pet-friendly. If you’re allergic to smoke, double to check that where you’re staying is a smoke-free property. By asking the right questions upfront, you can avoid misunderstandings and problems during your stay.

Ignore The Weather Forecast– You may be surprised, but even Florida gets cold chilly during the winter. Don’t assume that because you’re headed to the sunshine state that you can wear your bathing suit and flip-flops everywhere. Check the weather forecast 5-10 days before your trip and pack accordingly. Pack proper footwear for your activities. Your new heels may be super cute, but your feet will be super sore if you wear them around Disney. Being prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store will help make your trip more enjoyable.

Skim Over Your Email- You won’t believe how many families show up at the airport at 1 am with two cranky kids, a crying baby, and two stressed out parents and have no idea where they are going.
They panic, call the after hours line frantically, and are told to check their email. Directions are in our email. The information about how to get into the house? In your email. Your door code? Email. Alarm code? Email. And guess where you can find the address to where you’re going? You got it, in your email! Before you are tired and hungry and ready to cry, triple check your emails so you’re prepared when you arrive at the airport. If you are missing something, you can call and have it re-sent instead of trying to get the information in the middle of the night or halfway through your travel day.

Wait To Add The Extras– For houses with swimming pools, pool heat is a nice touch that makes swimming much more enjoyable in the winter months. But it takes a while to heat a big pool, and if you “wait and see” about adding this luxury until you get here, you’ll be “waiting and seeing” at least 24 hours before the pool heats up. If you’re the least bit worried about swimming in an icy pool, add the pool heat now so it’s warmed up before you arrive. Same thing goes for welcome packs, pool toys, and other extras. Add them now so you don’t have to wait around for them when you arrive.

Arrive (Really) Early – We understand that you’re excited about checking in and getting your vacation started, but we have a standard check in time for a reason. We take the cleanliness of our homes very seriously, and our professional and dedicated team of cleaners needs a specific amount of time to make sure your home is ready. If you arrive at 9 am and the house isn’t ready until check-in time (4PM) you’ll be doing a lot of driving and waiting around. Instead, either ask about an early check-in or plan your travel day so that you arrive closer to check in time. If your home is ready earlier than 4, we will definitely let you know. But save yourself the waiting around and  the “Mommmm…. Why can’t we go in yet?!?” question from the kids by following the check-in time guidelines.

Don’t “Bother”: Us With Problems– if you have a problem, issue or concern about your home while you’re here, WE WANT TO KNOW! Oftentimes guests deal with a burnt out light bulb, squeaky fan, or other small household issues for the duration of their trip when we could have easily taken care of it had we known. We are not bothered or annoyed at all when you ask questions, make requests or voice your opinions or concerns about the property. We love to hear about the wonderful time you’re having and how much you love the place, but in our quest for excellence and superior customer service, we want to know if there is anything we can do to improve your stay.
Your vacation is a magical time, and we are honored that you have chosen Magical Stays to help make it happen. We want you to have a great time, and are here to answer any questions before, during and even after your stay. By avoiding some of the common mistakes that families make on vacation, you can have the adventure of a lifetime and avoid annoying, time-consuming and stressful “hiccups” along the way.