TapuTapu- Volcano Bay’s New Technology That Eliminates Waiting In Line

We are excited about the new theme park Universal is working on us for all of us to enjoy. Volcano Bay is under construction with great things to come!

Waiting in line is just part of what you do when you visit a theme park. You can wake your family up super early, get to the parks before they open, and ride a few rides before the parks start to fill up, but a few
hours into your day you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in line.

Universal’s newest theme park, Volcano Bay, wants to change it. They’ve created a high tech system that allows you to “check in” on a ride with a personalized arm band, and then go abut your day enjoying all of the other aspects of the park. You can work on your tan, play with little ones in the kid’s park, eat, shop or hang out in the wave pool. As you explore the parks, you can use your wristband to check in on other rides as well. When it is time for you to ride, your personal wristband will alert you where to go. You simply show up and ride the ride! No more waiting in 30 minute (or longer) lines where you feel like you’re wasting the day away. No need to show up crazy early to try to squeeze all of the rides into one fun filled day.

TapuTapu is similar to Disney’s fast pass, but better. With Fast Passes, you select from a few open time slots for the rides you are the most interested in. If the time slots don’t work for you, you can either skip
the ride (which will probably make some family members unhappy) or suck it up and wait in line. With TapuTapu, all of the planning and guesswork and scheduling is done for you. All you have to do is wave your wristband at the totem pole in front of each ride, and come back when you hear the alert. With Volcano Bay’s interactive wristband, you can not only use the wearable wristband to hold your place in line, but is also a fun way to interact with different water features all over the parks, including shooting water cannons and activating light features on the park’s iconic Volcano.

TapuTapu wearables will be included in the theme park admission, and provided to each guest as they enter the park, They come in four original colors, pohaku brown, lau green, wela yellow and kai blue and are to be returned as you leave the park.

Volcano Bay is going to be a waterpark like no other, with thrilling rides and attractions for the whole family. This high tech solution to the age old issue of waiting in line is just another way Universal has stepped it up and created an experience that is fun, convenient and ultra modern for families looking to cool down in Orlando this summer.