Part of being a responsible dog owner is making sure your family pets are taken care of while you’re away. You could board them in a kennel or have someone stop by 3-4 times a day to let them out while you’re
away, but you know you’re going to be constantly worried about them. Dog lovers know that dogs aren’t JUST dogs, they’re part of the family, and leaving them behind just doesn’t feel right. Some dogs get anxious and afraid
when left in a kennel or boarding facility, and sitting around the house for a week or two with just a few daily spurts of human interaction can’t possibly be enjoyable for them.

Magical Stays knows that dogs are family, which is why when you stay with us, you can bring your four legged family members too. We offer a wide range of houses that are pet-friendly, allowing you to come and enjoy your vacation without obsessively checking your phone for updates from the dog-sitter. Here are the top 3 reasons you should bring your dog on your next Florida vacation:

Peace of Mind

With your furry friend by your side, you can relax by the pool, stay up all night enjoying the game room, sleep in your comfortable bed and pack your day with fun at the theme parks without a hint of guilt. You can relax knowing that your dog is right where he/she is happiest; with you.

Less Planning

In the middle of planning and packing for your upcoming trip, the last thing you need is one more item added to your to-do list. Finding a pet sitter or researching dog kennels can take up precious planning time; time that you should be spending organizing your flip flops by color or bragging to your friends on Facebook that you’re going to Florida. When you bring Fido with you, you have one less thing to plan, schedule and think about.

They Get Treats!

Magical Stays loves pets, which is why every dog that comes along on the family vacation gets a special welcome package just for them! Leave your dog bowls and toys at home, because we’ve got it covered. We will have a beautiful dog-friendly welcome basket bowl filled with goodies and dog toys for your pet to enjoy while they’re here. Hey, they’ve worked hard all year protecting your yard from predators like squirrels and cats, they deserve a little pampering too, right?

Many of our pet friendly homes have fenced in backyards, giving your furry friend a nice open space to run and play. Our homes are located in safe and quiet neighborhoods with sidewalks throughout, so you can start and
end your day with a relaxing walk together. There are even local dog parks near by if you want your dog to socialize and play while they’re on vacay.

Did you know that Disney offers pet boarding for while you’re at the parks? If you’re not sure you want to
leave your dog at the vacation home all day, you can board them on Disney property where they will be taken care of and let out multiple times a day while you visit the most magical place on Earth. There is a small fee of
course, but it allows you to stay all night until after fireworks without rushing home to let the dog out.

Your canine companion is part of the family, and he/she should enjoy a vacation like part of the family. Don’t leave your dog behind the next time you visit Disney, instead, bring them along for a vacation that your furry family member truly deserves.