If you go on vacation and don’t take a bunch of creative and artsy Instagram-worthy selfies, did you even go on vacation? Orlando is a vibrant city, a combination of theme parks and natural beauty. It’s a classic city where you can find ice cream shops overlooking a lake, and then drive 15 minutes down the road and be at the Happiest Place On Earth. As you explore this incredible city, don’t forget to stop by these seven “no filter needed” spots to catch a great shot.


In Front Of The Castle

This is, of course, the most popular photo spot at Disney. The incredible castle makes a stunning backdrop, day or night, for a classic Disney selfie. Did you know multiple places around the castle offer different perspectives of Cinderella’s humble abode? There’s the angle from Liberty Square Bridge, the classic shot from Main Street, and a fresh view from the Frontierland Walkway. Try them all to capture the castle (and your adorable Mickey ears) from many angles.


In Front Of The Hogwarts

Unless you’ve stood in front of it, there are no words to describe the feeling you get from experiencing the magic of Hogwarts and everything else in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The incredibly detailed structure makes an excellent backdrop for a great selfie. Or prop your ice cold cup of Butterbeer on the landing of the bridge and take an artistic shot of Harry’s favorite drink in front of the famous school


Lake Eola

Lake Eola is where locals go to get away from the traffic and crowds of the park. Head to Downtown Orlando and stroll the .9 mile loop around the gorgeous lake and take in the sights and sounds of Orlando’s vibrant city center. Stop at the Relax Cafe or grab a coffee at one of the many boutique coffee shops in the area. The most insta-worthy shot at Lake Eola is definitely the bandshell stage. Painted in the bright colors of the rainbow in the wake of the Pulse tragedy, this bright spot in the middle of Downtown is a visual representation of Orlando’s diversity, community, and love for the arts.


Old Town

Old Town is a fun, and classic Kissimmee hotspot, a family-friendly area of restaurants, shops and even rides that the whole family can enjoy. Walk the sidewalks, browse the shops, and, if you’re brave enough, board the giant slingshot and catapult yourself into the air! We don’t recommend taking a selfie on the slingshot, but Old Town is packed with cool nooks and crannies that make for a great shot


Lakefront Park

Another beautiful and more natural spot for a selfie is Lakefront Park in Downtown Kissimmee. This sprawling park sits on the water, has big grassy fields perfect for picnics or a family game of kickball. There are pavilions and a quiet walkway out to a lighthouse. This pathway along the water is a great spot for a selfie and allows you to capture the natural beauty of Kissimmee.


Downtown Kissimmee

Downtown Kissimmee makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a simpler and quieter time. It’s a small, calm city center with locally owned boutiques, beautiful parks, patio cafes and mom and pop shops that have been in business for decades. Just walking the streets of Downtown Kissimmee provides plenty of opportunities for a great selfie. The Monument of the States is a cool place for a picture, as well as under the Toho Square sign in the middle of downtown. And while it’s not the greatest spot for a selfie, we can’t talk about Downtown Kissimmee without mentioning Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ. You’ve got to try it. Hands down, one of the best BBQ joints in the area.


By Your Private Pool

After exploring everything Orlando has to offer, you may just want to rest poolside. The beautiful thing about Orlando is that you can stay in your own private pool home and not settle for overpriced hotels. Want a really good Insta-worthy shot of a sparkling pool? Maybe even with a palm tree or two? Check out Tink’s Movie Castle or the community pool at Windsor Escape.


Orlando is a mecca for Instagram worthy selfie spots. While taking a selfie at the theme parks is a great way to document your travels, don’t forget to do some exploring and discover some of the cool local spots that The City Beautiful has to offer.


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