With their enchanting Disney theme bedrooms, amazing home theaters and fun packed games rooms, it’s little wonder that Magical Stays Vacation Homes continue to be popular year after year with Magical Stays Kidz!

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Kidz love Magical Stays Vacation Homes!

“We could not get our kids out of the pool! It was even a struggle to get them out of the pool to go to Disney! We loved this home, and were so happy to see our kids so happy! We’ve told 3 other families with kids about Hollywood Nights, and we already have our dates blocked for this summer”-Gail McCarthy



1. If you come for your birthday, you could get one night in one of our awesome vacation homes for FREE
2. Kids get the chance to win a free gift when their parents “check in” on Facebook!
3. All of our houses have kitchens, so instead of going out every night, they can SAVE MONEY by cooking at home!
4. Some of our houses have cinema rooms, so if you want to have a family movie night, you can do it in your own private movie theater!
5. ALL of our houses have private pools, so you can soak up the Florida sun anytime you want!
6. If you have little brothers or sisters, most of our houses already have baby stuff included, so less packing they have to do!
7. Two words: Weekly specials
8. We’re only 4 miles to Disney!
9.We’re only an hour from the beach, so you can do Disney one day and spend the next day playing in the sand!
10. We’re the only vacation home company that wants to know what the KIDS have to say!

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