Disclaimer: This post could get a little awkward. But not as awkward as it’ll be on the plane if you eat some of these foods before your flight.

Many passengers swing by the food court or sit-down restaurant at the airport before their flight. It’s part of the fun and excitement, to grab a coffee, breakfast, or snack before the highly anticipated flight. However, there are some foods that you should avoid before you board, for your sake and the sake of those sharing a small space (and even smaller bathroom) with you.

Fast Food

This is a hard one to avoid because there are McDonald’s’, Burger Kings, Taco Bells and other fast food restaurants all over most major airports. If you can’t avoid the restaurant, try to avoid the grease. Salads and soups are usually safe options. The body isn’t designed to process super greasy foods very well when you’re on the ground, so why would it be any different up in the air? Really greasy foods + sitting still and squished in a seat for a long period of time could = major discomfort. The greasy food could lead to swollen feet, and in extreme cases, blood clots.

Gassy Foods

This is awkward. However, stinking up the plane because you downed onions, cabbage or beans before your flight will be even MORE awkward. These foods can cause you to feel bloated, and the pressure in the plane can only make it worse. One unlucky passenger was caught striking matches to cover up her conceal her personal issues, and the flight had to make an emergency landing. Talk about embarrassing. Dairy products, wheat and oat bran and asparagus are some of the worst offenders, so steer clear of these to avoid tummy troubles on the plane.


Nervous about the flight? Or nervous about spending the week with your in-laws when you get off of the flight? Either way, avoid using alcohol as a coping mechanism. Alcohol causes dehydration, which is never fun on a small and long flight where you have limited access to drinks. Too much alcohol could cause you to miss your flight or be removed from it. If you must have a cocktail to calm your nerves, counteract the booze with plenty of water

If you have time, prepare a healthy and filling meal the night before the flight that you can grab and go in the morning. Breakfast sandwiches, snacks like chips and pretzels, and pasta are great options because they fill you up without bothering your digestive system too much.

Take care of yourself, and your reputation, by choosing smart foods before a long flight. Once you get to your vacation destination, you can enjoy the foods you’ve been craving!