Move over, Elsa, there is a new princess in town!

Starting November 24th, Walt Disney World guests can meet the newest Disney princess, Elena of Avalor! Princess Elena made her Disney debut back in August, and received a royal welcome by none other than Cinderella! Cinderella hosted the “Princess Elena Royal Welcome” Show right in front of the castle, and guests can continue to see this beautiful show throughout the end of the year.

So who is this Elena princess, anyway? Elena is Disney’s first Latin inspired princess, and embodies all of the qualities we expect from Disney royalty; compassion, adventure, thoughtfulness and has the mind of a true leader. There are some pretty cool things about Elena that set her apart from her princess predecessors:

1. She won’t have a love interest. Sort of like Merida in the Disney movie, Brave, Elena is too caught up in adventure, friendships and learning lessons to worry about falling in love

2. She has super powers. Elena has a special wand that can do a variety of “magic,” but never without a cost. It could serve as a fortuneteller one day, and a weapon the next. But unlike Rapunzel and her magical hair, the magic weakens Elena and must be used responsibly.

3. There is a new song in every episode. If you decide to some research and watch a few episodes of Elena of Avalor on Disney Channel, you’ll be happily surprised that each new episode features a brand new song! (Now you finally get “Let It Go” out of your head!)

Guests who want to meet Elena will find her alongside her other princess-y pals in the Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom. Guests will have the option to see Elena and Cinderella, or Rapunzel and Tiana. We suggest you get a FastPass, since everyone is anxious to meet the newest Disney princess!