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Magical Stays Guest House Guide

Dear Guest,

Welcome to your Vacation Home. You’ve been planning and waiting for this vacation, and now you’re finally here! We are excited and honored to be part of your experience in the Orlando area!

Since 1999, Magical Stays has become one of the leading companies in the vacation rental management industry. We are a fully licensed management company and you are in great hands.

We are here to help you have the best experience possible.

This guide answers some common questions that guests have or issues that may occur. There is also a hard copy of this guide in your home that contains up to date WiFi information, and trash collection days.

Please read it carefully, and if your questions are not answered, then call us at 863-420-1010. We have qualified, friendly staff waiting to assist.

If you’re having a problem, we can’t fix it if we don’t know about It. We are on-call 24 hours a day for all urgent emergency issues.

If you have an issue outside the above listed urgent emergency issues, please report it to us as soon as possible and we will attend to it during regular business hours. You will not need to stay and wait in the house for us to address the issue you reported.

We kindly ask that you respect this home and its contents. It belongs to an individual homeowner who has put a lot of money, love, and hard work to make it comfortable for its visitors. I’m sure you will appreciate the quality, space and comfort as compared to any hotel stay.

The home is self-catering. We do supply initial soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, etc., but you are responsible for additional supplies.

We hope that you enjoy this home and wishing you an amazing vacation! Relax and have fun!

Yours sincerely,
Peter, Liza, & the Magical Stays Team

First Things First

Your vacation is about to begin, but before it does, please walk through the house and do your own inspection. We inspect the homes just prior to your arrival, so everything should be in working order, but if you see anything that is damaged or doesn’t work or is missing, PLEASE tell us within 24 hours of your arrival. Accidents happen, so if something breaks during your stay, please let us know, so we can fix it for the next guest! However, if we discover unreported damage, you may be subject to additional charges.

Things That Go Beep

Most vacation homes are equipped with pool door alarms. Every time you open a door that leads to the pool, you must press the pool door alarm button and then close the door behind you. If you open the pool door and don’t press the button, a very LOUD alarm will sound. Its intention is to alert you if a child enters the pool area. We know it’s annoying, but it is against the law to disable this alarm. If you hear an intermittent beeping sound, it can be a smoke detector, a pool door alarm or the digital lock on the front door. Please call us to solve this for you. The house alarm may beep if a monitored door is left open.

Wi-Fi / Cable

We are pleased to offer complimentary WiFi. Please see WiFi network name and password listed at the front of the Guest Guide in your home. If the WiFi isn’t working, try rebooting the modem before calling us, it usually fixes the problem. If the cable signal isn’t working, try rebooting the cable box before calling us. Please do not choose any other network names or change any settings on the routers or cable boxes to avoid a $50 reset fee.

Pool Heat

If you paid for pool and spa heat, please note that the pool heater runs at the same time that the pool pump runs, typically from 9 AM – 9 PM. To check to see if it’s working, put your hand over one of the jets in the pool, you should feel warm water. If you notice that the water level has dropped below the skimmer line, please put a hose into the pool to top it off. The heater won’t run if the pool is low. Please do not attempt to adjust or alter the heat/pump settings as it could result in damage to the equipment OR EVEN WORSE, a very cold pool! PLEASE NOTE: If outside temperatures fall below 50°F, the pool heater will not work.

Air Conditioning Unit

We want you to be comfortable during your stay, but there are a few guidelines that will help to keep you cool. Don’t leave doors, windows or blinds open, and don’t turn the thermostat down below 72°F. Doing so may FREEZE the AC and cause it to stop working. This is especially important in the hotter months when an AC unit will have to work really hard to keep you comfortable. If the AC breaks down and the AC guy says it’s your fault, guess who gets the bill? Call us and we’ll answer any questions you may have and/or come to the house to check it out

Bugs and Other Creepy Critters

Florida is in a Tropical Climate and has a number of native inhabitants you may not want in your home. Some will follow you in. The house is treated regularly for pests, but you can discourage uninvited pests by not leaving food out, cleaning up any food or drink spills, or doors to outside open. Lizards are friendly and harmless, in fact they eat the other bugs! The odd bug is normal, but if you see a number of pests inside the home, please call us and we will call the professionals.

Raccoons, Buzzards, Cats and such

These are among the visitors you’ll have if you don’t properly dispose of your TRASH. They will root through the cans and spread the trash everywhere. Please see the schedule for trash pick-up in the Guest Guide in your home. You can place the cans at the curb the night before or very early the morning of pick up. HOA’s will fine for spilled trash and that charge is passed on to the guest. Pay attention to recycling days. There will be separate information about recycling days. Do not put regular trash in a Recycling Bin.

Doggy Doos and Don’ts

Some of our homes are pet friendly. If you have brought a pet, you paid a pet fee. If you forgot to pay the pet fee or to tell us that you have brought a pet, please tell us. We are dog lovers, and we love responsible dog owners. Dogs shed and it takes our cleaners extra time to clean up. Please clean up after your pet both inside and outside the house. Our next guest will really appreciate NOT stepping in it. Consider kenneling your pet while you are out. We have seen some very surprising destructive behavior from normally well behaved pets when they are left alone in a new environment.


Please keep all exterior doors and windows locked at all times. Get familiar with the electronic door lock, some will lock automatically when you close the door, and others require that you enter your code to lock the door. Get familiar with the alarm system and keep your alarm code handy.


Please don’t use bleach on any of our towels or linens. Please wash whites separately. Please don’t sit on the furniture or walk on carpet with wet bathing suits, the chlorine can bleach the fabrics. There is a charge for damaged/discolored linens, towels, furniture or carpet. DO NOT try to wash the Comforters, they need to be Dry Cleaned.

Really Important Miscellaneous Stuff

• Vertical Blinds should be adjusted gently, without using excessive force. Keep them closed to help keep the house cool.
• If you find a closet door that is locked, please don’t try to force it open, it contains the homeowner’s personal stuff.
• Respect your neighbors by not making loud noises outside after 10 pm.
• Please don’t park on the grass, or block the sidewalk with your car, you’ll get a ticket!

Pool Safety

• Please NO DIVING
• NEVER Leave children unattended.
• We recommend wearing water shoes to protect your feet from the pool surface and to help avoid slipping on the pool deck.
• NO glass or bottles in, on or near the pool.
• Don’t enter the house with Wet clothing/feet/towels.
• No small toys, coins, plastic bags or paper left in the pool, they will damage the pump.
• Don’t leave pool toys in the pool while you’re not swimming; bugs and dirt cling to them instead of being fltered out.
• Please only use pool towels, not house towels.
• Please shower before entering the pool to remove sunscreens as they affect the chemical balance of the pool.
• Please don’t leave food and drink around the pool area.
• Keep in mind the house is equipped with bathrooms!
• Small children should wear swimming diapers.
• It is against Florida law to use the BBQ within the screened pool enclosure.

Pool Cleaning

The pool is cleaned and chemically balanced once a week for your safety and comfort; however, on rare occasions it may be necessary to apply extra chemicals to the pool to maintain safe and correct chemical levels. Should this occur during your stay it will be necessary for you to be out of the pool for a period of 12-24 hours for safety reasons. If the pool is unusable upon your arrival or becomes unusable during your stay, no refund will be granted. Please note that the pool isn’t cleaned every day; a pool net is provided for your use to remove debris from the pool.

Magical Stays and the owner of the home will not be held responsible for accidents or injury in the pool area; you use them entirely at your own risk (Our lawyers made us say that).

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