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Orlando vacation rental flexible date savings

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Enjoy flexible date savings

If you’re flexible with your arrival and departure dates, then you may be able to save big time with our flexible date savings feature!

Search through our list of properties and enter your preferred arrival and departure dates and our website will automatically suggest alternative date options and display the lowest rate available.

Availability will depend on the calendar of each rental property.

Why not try this magical option for you and your family!

Terms and Conditions:

Offer only available at the time of booking.

Not flexible with your dates?

Don’t worry, you can always take advantage of one of our other great Orlando vacation rental deals.

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We look forward to hosting your next stay in Orlando!

Remember – booking Orlando vacation rentals on MagicalStays.com can already save you up to 22% compared with Airbnb, Vrbo, or Booking.com before applying your Orlando vacation rental flexible date savings!

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